20m Cotton Roller Towels

The Benefits of Cotton

  • Ultimate Hygiene
  • Eco-friendly
  • End user comfort
  • Responsible choice

Ultimate Hygiene

Bacterial Reduction

An independent study undertaken by the School of Biosciences at the University of Westminster March 2007 compared the reduction in bacteria on the hands after using cotton towels, paper towels and warm air electric hand dryers.

Cotton & paper towels = 85% bacterial reduction
Warm air dryers = +189% increase in bacteria

CONCLUSION – Cotton & Paper towels are both better alternatives for hand drying in locations where hygiene is paramount.

Towel Cabinet Design Promotes Hygiene

TEKNA – Clean towel located above & isolated from used towel
TEKNA – Impossible to pull back used towel

Microbiologically Clean Towels

Controlled industrial washing procedure
Towels washed at 80 degrees centigrade Anti-bactericidal & Fungicidal agents applied

Natural Properties Complement Hygiene

Friction from drying with cotton removes bacteria
Superior capacity for water absorption


Excellent Environmental Performance

A Life Cycle Analysis study undertaken in 2006 by The Öko-Institut, Germany on behalf of the European Textile Service Association (E.T.S.A) proves the following:

“In six out of seven environmental aspects cotton towels outperform paper towel alternatives.”

From manufacture of the cotton towel to final disposal, the continuous cotton towel generates the lowest environmental impact.

Cotton towels Versus Paper Towels

63% less energy
48% less greenhouse gases generated
79% less waste Cotton performs less well on water use.

In conclusion paper towels are 150% more damaging to the environment than cotton.

The TEKNA Cabinet – Excellent Environmental Performance

  • Sustainable concept – wash & re-use towels
  • Towel Cabinet built to last – robust
  • Automatic operation – power spring- no batteries or electricity
  • 100% recyclable ABS Rubber covered rollers for + towel life

End User Comfort

  • Most inviting & pleasant to the touch
  • Like home, away from home
  • Creates sense of well-being for end user
  • Cleanses & protects the skin
  • Cotton voted kindest to the skin out of 3 hand drying methods. University of Westminster, End User Perceptions Study 2007

Responsible Choice

  • Proven the most environmentally friendly hand drying method

Sustainable concept – reuse
Cotton consumable – low impact/recycling
Cabinet – durable design/no batteries

  • Kennedy – UN Global Compact Member
  • Kennedy – ISO 14001 environmental accreditation
  • Proven highly hygienic method of hand drying
  • Well-being, protection & comfort of end user