GD Ultra grease degrader consumable

  • Highly effective environmentally sensitive consumable
  • Ultra concentrated, aids efficiency and cost control
  • Continues working between doses/provides longer lasting protection than biological or caustic products
  • Will not adversely affect drainage pipes, walls or bondings

How does the GD ULTRA consumable work?

The GD ULTRA consumable is an ultra concentrated natural consumable based upon specially selected grease degrading bacteria.

The degrader dispenser ensures that the required amount of consumable is injected into the drain at the optimum time of day to help maintain free flowing drains and to prevent malodour.

When injected into the drain, the resilient bacteria in the GD Ultra consumable form a ‘bio-film’ in the waste pipe.  This creates a continuous working environment in the pipe and as waste materials move through the drain, the bacteria release highly active enzymes to digest the fat and grease. GD Ultra is continuously active unlike other enzymatic or caustic products which are washed through the pipe allowing minimal contact time to degrade any waste.

A biochemistry lesson

The 4 step GD ULTRA process:

1.    The first stage of fat degradation is the action of the enzyme lipase, secreted by the product bacteria.

2.    Lipase breaks down fat triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol.

3.    The release of fatty acids causes the pH in the grease trap to drop. The bacteria in “GD Ultra” are specially selected to continue working in an acidic environment.

4.    The product also contains bacteria especially adept at degrading the long chain fatty acids released by the lipase action.

5.    The consumable produces a continuous and renewable supply of highly active enzymes and bacteria, which enables it to continue working between doses.