Market leading feminine hygiene unit

Intima was developed in response to market demand for an aesthetically pleasing, robust and serviceable feminine hygiene unit. In just a short length of time Kennedy’s Intima has become the market leading feminine hygiene unit.

Available in compact 23 litre and 15 litre models, Intima and Intima Mini combine large waste holding capacity in a sleek, modern and compact design with minimal floor obstruction. Both models can be used for liner and bin exchange service and embody exceptional functionality, quality and unique service friendly features.  The units are available in manual, foot pedal and electronic no-touch versions in Kennedy’s full range of finishes.

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white-finish grey-finish chrome-finish satin-finish

Ease of service

  • Innovative reversible cover* eases location in cubicle
  • Designed throughout to minimise dirt traps
  • Flexible liner system* for easy liner fitting

Maximum hygiene

  • Foot pedal/electronic no-touch models for hands-free operation
  • Snap in/out protective flap inset
    • Protects against soiling
    • Aids super fast and hygienic service

For extra hygiene

  • Reinforced drawstring “easy closing” bin liners
  • Germicidal powder sachets

* Patented features

Click here to download detailed information sheet about Bioforce and Bioforce Plus germicidal sachets.

  Pallet Type Packed Qty Per Weight/Kg Measurement cm
Intima Pedal (all finishes) Carton 2 6.85 54 x 29 x 49
Euro Plt. Pallet 48 181 120 x 80 x 209
Intima Manual (all finishes) Carton 2 6.2 54 x 29 x 49
Euro Plt. Pallet 48 167 120 x 80 x 209