Mechanical retractable cotton roller towel cabinet

Tekna is the most advanced cotton roller towel hand drying solution available. It provides unrivalled hygiene, service and environmental benefits while delivering a ‘comfort like home’ hand drying experience for the end user.

Tekna features automatic retraction of each used roller towel portion and delivers 200 portions of clean towel from a standard 40 m towel.

This system also helps protect the environment as it combines a towel cabinet based on eco-friendly engineering with the cotton towel, a natural biodegradable consumable.

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Hygiene & image

  • Unique, modern and compact design
  • Automatic retraction of clean roller towel portion for each user
  • Clean roller towel isolated from and positioned above used towel

Reliability & durability

  • 40 years experience in cabinet engineering
  • Proven robust mechanism based upon the solid reputation of the “Integra”, the industry’s market leader in cabinets
  • Lockable cabinet to prevent unauthorised access

Ease of service

  • Instant towel check through transparent inspection windows
  • Locks located at both sides to maximise fitting options
  • Problem-free loading for guaranteed easy servicing

Environmentally friendly

  • Mechanical operation – no external power source required
  • Cotton towels are one and a half times less harmful to the environment than paper equivalents*
  • 100% recyclable components

*Source ETSA lifecycle analysis study 2007

Kennedy cotton roller towel dispensers – towel usage/service frequency

Tekna – 200 towel portions
Medium to high traffic
4-5 users per cabinet 3 times per day = towel change every 2 weeks
8-10 users per cabinet = weekly towel change

  Pallet Type Packed Qty Per Weight/Kg Measurement cm
Tekna Carton 1 9.24 41 x 25 x 48
Std. Plt. Pallet 40 388 120 x 100 x 208